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LorCat's Ramblings!

***** LorCat has these ramblings going on my 'puter while I was talking to my cousin in Chicago. She was very bored, because it was a long phone call. Alot of this is fed off of my side of the conversation that she was listening to!!! *****

hey..where did you get this theme again? I dont wanna interrupt. cool. :P when you almost threw your pole in the water? y'know..this is gonna look really weird when I get done. lol bowlieeeeeeeees.....doo bee doo bee doooooo...did you know theres a squirrel on your computer? here's some codes for you if you ever feel like playing alice:
notarget- enemies wont mess with you
health100- your health wont go down
wuss- you get ALL weapons
give all- you get all the weapons (yeah...another one) theres more but thats all I use. so there ya go. JEEZE LOUISE! this is like MST3K for me..dont mind my oddities. alligators in florida. *chompa chompa*..they bit my legs off. suuuuuuugar..suuuugar booger. here kitty kitty. here leezard leezard. >.> <.< look both ways before crossing. <(-_-)> yoda says hello liar..your just lazy. >:D yup..really. sugar has a flea. can have your weed page on your family website..LOL. oooo?...*bubble bubble....exhaaaale* I think sugar found the flea..its on her toe. And irish scot? His name is bob...not walter. Im telling you..its BOB! another laurie?? too many loris! morons? er..I mean mormans? brilliant. sure makes sense to me. kinda sorta maybe. yup really. yup. Laurie is on druuuuuuuugs..heehee. youll fall over and pass DOH! sounds like a plan stan. yes ..really. great. no.. your one of those missing mason kids. SKUNK MULLET!! What???? IT IS! You can be a skunk marked rabbit with a mullet damn! *bubble bubble bubble* we can put your ashes on a pot plant to make it grow. then we can smoke you. LOL OR...we could bury you in the back yard with the others! EVERYTHING IS DYING!!! AHHHH! bbq..mmmmm.... *hides* I didnt do it! I dont wanna influence kids to do drugs man!! lol just say no! hugs..not better to be pissed off than pissed on. BUSTED!!! the stereo wanted to go for a swim. YAY no kids! lol meow meow meow..*yawn* did you fall out of the tree? lol ...I want a chevron car. :P with the dancing turtles. 8pm: its 5 till..close enough. yup really. *hic* lol